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What it’s like to date a stripper

The first thing any man thinks about after hearing a word “stripper” is sexy. Yes, they mostly are. Nice bodies, sexy moves, provocative dresses, etc… These things relate to physical attraction only. But what if you are in love and the subject of your admiration is a stripper? Can you be sure you’ll be perfectly fine with it?

There are some undeniable pros of dating a stripper:

  • At any party, you will be there with the hottest girl in the room. And don’t forget about her girlfriends, they’re probably strippers as well 😉
  • It helps to be comfortable with your own sexuality.
  • Strippers always know how to turn a guy on. You can hardly find a shy stripper, so she definitely knows how to make your fantasies come true.
  • They mostly have a flexible work schedule so you can spend lots of time together.
  • Money money money. A good dancer can make hundreds, even thousands a night. She’ll always buy you an ice-cream 😉

However, dating a stripper can be not a good idea and here’s why:

  • She’s not an early bird. It’s quite understandable because she has to work till 4 or 5 am. So don’t don’t expect her to wake up before noon.
  • That job is pretty stressful. So be ready for drama.
  • Most of them love drinking. Or smoking. Or both. That’s probably caused by the stress mentioned above lol
  • You should be ready for her being constantly desired by other men. And that’s a big issue.
  • You’ll be judged. Well, not you, her, but you as well. By your mom, granny, friends or someone other. There will always be someone.

Here’s one of the opinions from Quora regarding personal experience of dating a stripper:

“Her gorgeous eyes make me weak, and the depth of our conversation makes me feel so connected to her. However, when I think about who will be the mother of my children, I can’t imagine a continued life with her… and it hurts me to admit that… so I enjoy the intimacy as I share myself with her.” – Anonymous.

Here’s another one

“It’s pretty much the same as dating any other person. I dated a woman who danced at a club for several months. She was a normal person like any other and paying her way through college. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact that her job consisted of her getting naked and dancing for other men and sometimes women. You wouldn’t even have known she was a stripper if you looked at her. Most people just thought she was a student.” – Rob Young

And one more

Never dated, but lived with a stripper for a time. She hated the life but loved the money, and a lot of her co-workers were the same. She told stories of being under enormous pressure to sleep with client in some clubs, others it was grounds for firing. She tried to work at the latter clubs more than the former, but also said that more often then no, they all became the like the former.

Her co-workers ranged from fun and adventurous to flat out sociopaths (that part sounds like every job I have ever had). But the common denominator that I saw was that, while they wanted to use their sexuality to pay the bills, they desperately wanted to be seen as more than just their body. The longer they were in the industry the stranger this juxtaposition got.” – TheMightyDarmick.

Well, as you can see from everything mentioned above is that dating a stripper is quite challenging. But the main thing you should remember is that your personal life is always up to you and if you enjoy being with a this girl then stay with her.

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